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           Applications of Contemporary Harmony I Release!

Lorenzo Ferrero's new publication "Applications of Contemporary harmony I" has been released!. 

Violet Anamnesis Publications

Violet Anamnesis Publications
Violet Anamnesis Publications is a music publishing company dedicated to the dispersion of ideas.


"Lorenzo Ferrero has clearly absorbed, processed, and explained everything one could possibly want to know about harmony. If harmony can be taught, his book, "Applications of Contemporary Harmony" certainly does the job!."
- NAN SCHWARTZ (Grammy award winner & Seven-time Emmy Nominee composer, arranger and orchestrator)
With Sincerity, I'll recomment this great book by Lorenzo Ferrero. It's an eye opener, especially for musicians like me, who know just regular and basic harmony...I personally thank you my friend for taking the time to share your knowledge.
Great Possibilities to continue to grow musically, in this case harmonically. After all it will just make us all, better musicians...
-ALEX ACUÑA (Grammy award winner percussionist and drummer)


Commissioned to write the opening waltz dedicated to the 200 anniversay of the University of Technology of Vienna, Austria


On 2015, Lorenzo Ferrero was commisioned to write a waltz in honor of the 200 year anniversary of one of the most pretigious universities in Europe, The University of Technology of Vienna (TU WIEN).

This beautiful event happened in the main hall of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, just as seen in the picture.

Technische Universität Wien

Technische Universität Wien
The "TU Wien" is one of the major universities in Vienna, the capital of Austria.
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